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Draft Horse Pulling


Draft Horse Pulling
Superintendent: Don Sensabaugh  Telephone:   724-254-4642

Assistant Superintendent:    Corey Smith 814-743-6813 perint

General Regulations for Horse Pulling Contest

1. The contest will be conducted under Revised Rules as formerly prescribed by Horse & Mule Association of America.
2. The following rules must be complied with:
3. A team is permitted to compete in one class only.
4. Teams will be weighed before the pull.
5. Any team after competing in its respective class will not be permitted to pull in another weight class, even though they may qualify by making the required weights.
6. One horse of such team will not be allowed to be paired with a lighter or heavier horse and entered in a second class or weight division.
7. Splitting of teams will not be allowed.
8. No whipping, punching, prodding or punishing of animals in any way is permitted.
9. Helpers are not allowed in any way to drive the team and after hitching, must remain behind the sled or machine outside the ropes.
10. Any violation of the rules of the contest may result in disqualification of the team by officials.
11. No alcoholic beverages or anyone appearing under the influence of alcohol shall be permitted to pull.
12. A team must complete a successful first pull to qualify for the $50.00 consolation award.
13. The Fair Association will sponsor an Annual Horse Pulling Contest – Friday Evening at 7:30 P.M.Horse Pulling

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