Board Members for 2023

2048 Rte 240 Hwy
Commodore, PA 15729

Front Row; left to right: Corey Smith, Nathen Baker, Diana Stauffer--Secretary,
Roger Stauffer--President, Brad Berkey
Back Row, left to right: Austin Yoder, Dan Bush, Todd White, Richard Smith, Jeanene Stewart, Susan Belford, Joe McCombie, Don Sensabaugh
Missing from Picture: Michael Keith & Barry Baker

Roger Stauffer President

724-254-1445 (H)
724-422-1196 (C)

Barry Baker
Vice President

724-254-0619 (H)

Brad Berkey

724-254-1682 (H)
724-464-8966 (C)

Diana Stauffer

724-254-1445 (H)
724-840-8801 (C)

Susan Belford

724-254-2239 (H)

Dan Bush

724-743-6919 (H)
724-422-9872 (C)

Todd White

724-840-1876 (C)

Austin Yoder

724-422-5387 (C)

Nathen Baker

724-840-5476 (C)

Richard Smith

724-422-3518 (C)

Don Sensabaugh

724-422-6637 (C)

Corey Smith

724-931-2575 (C)

Jeanene Stewart

724-254-4649 (H)

Michael Keith

724-388-4921 (C)
724-463-7465 (H)

Joe McCombie

724-762-4028 (C)

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