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Canned or Dried Rule

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Home & Dairy Products 
Canned or Dried Products
Department 11 under 19
Department 15 over 19
Superintendent: Susan Belford 724-254-2239
Assistant Superintendent: Jeanene Stewart 724-254-4649

Canned Products or Dried Products
General Regulations for Canned Products
  1. Canned foods to be judged on quality, general appearance, and container, cleanliness of jar.
  2. Use standard mason-type, clear quart/pint glass jar for preserving and exhibiting fruits, vegetables, and meats.
  3. Use two-piece self-sealing lids (flat discs and metal screw bands) for sealing all jars of food.
  4. No rusty rings.
  5. All food not in standard jars or not sealed with self-sealing lids will be disqualified by the judge.

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