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Department  13   Vegetables
Section-D19 Cabbage – 1 Head
General Regulations for Vegetables
In selecting vegetables for exhibition, select medium size specimens, do not mix varieties, uniformity in shape, size and color, never mix specimens of different maturity, and pick the specimens from one variety.
Potatoes should not be washed.
Remove soil using a soft cloth or brush.
Tomatoes should have stems removed.
Carrots, beets, etc. should have tops (leaves) removed from vegetables leaving about (2) two inches of stems.
Read premium material, carefully following all rules and regulations.
If an entry calls for five specimens, be sure to exhibit that number- do not enter four or six.
In any instance, your exhibits will be disqualified if the correct number of specimens is not entered.
Entry form
Department Number
If you are under 19-use Department 11 on the entry form.
If you are 19 and older use Department 13 on the entry form.
Premium       1st          2nd          3rd          4th
$3.00      $2.50      $2.00      $1.50

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