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Backed Goods Rules

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Department  15 Home & Dairy Products
Superintendent: Susan Belford 724-254-2239
Assistant Superintendent: Jeanene Stewart 724-254-4649
Baked Goods
General Regulations for Baked Goods
  1. The exhibitor must have made all products.
  2. Premiums will not be paid for commercial products.
  3. Complete baked goods must be brought to the fair.
  4. After the judging, the fair may display only a portion of the product for the week.
  5. Perishable baked goods will be sold following judging and the proceeds donated to a worthy charity.
  6. All baked goods must be brought in throwaway containers.
Red Star:

  1. Award items to be given to the winners in the yeast bread categories. The items will include a RED STAR ® apron, a RED STAR ® flexible cutting board, and a RED STAR ® measuring beaker.
Best of Class

  1. Judges will select the “Best of Class” winner from the Adult Decorated Cake entries. Judges will also select the “Best of Class” junior winner. These winners shall receive a” Best of Class” certificate and may choose one of the following awards:
  2. Gifts from the Kitchen (The newest Wilton publication)
  3. Cupcake Fun! Book
  4. Cake Decorating Basics (DVD)
  5. All “Best of Class” winners always receive a Wilton Yearbook of Cake Decorating along with their choice of “Best of Class” prize.
  6. Only one Yearbook will be awarded to an individual.

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